Lai st. studio and work in progress

Here are some pics from Lai st. studio, where I work since autumn.

Preparations of big red painting started already in June, but first brush strokes happened in October. It’s a really big canvas with many figures, different possible skin tones, shadows and lights. Quite hard to crasp together, but that’s what I wanted – bigger canvas and more complex play with bodies and shadows. I was a quite surprised, when realized, how much I’m affected by Caravaggio. All this red wrinkled fabric and dark corners. :DBut I’m happy with this progress and potential of this painting.

Green UFO girl is one experiment what I wanted to do since “Zero stadium”.  And I’m planning to go further with that direction. More abstract and free, but also in order. Express figures with opposite ideas with order and chaos.

And third part of black and white close up series. I really like idea of that one, but I’m not too sure how it’s collaborates with first two paintings.

All those painting are still in progress!

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